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Prayers Against the Powers of Darkness

Prayers Against the Powers of Darkness

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This small pocket-sized book will assist the Christian faithful in their struggle against the infernal enemy. It is a powerful treasury of prayers of praise and supplication to Almighty God and prayers invoking the intercession of the saints.

This durable prayer book includes:

  • Prayers to God for Protection

  • Invocations to the Holy Trinity

  • Invocations to Our Lord Jesus Christ

  • Invocations to the Blessed Virgin Mary

  • St. Michael the Archangel Prayer

  • Litanies

Prayers Against the Powers of Darkness contains the complete text of “Supplications Which May Be Used by the Faithful Privately in Their Struggle Against the Powers of Darkness,” which is Appendix II of Exorcisms and Related Supplications, the ritual book used by exorcists. This is the first official English translation of these prayers

Published by United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Soft Cover book, 49 pages, 14.5x8cm (5 ¾” x 3 ¼”)


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